How to properly clean and re-lubricate bearings?<

Bearing failures often halt plant operations: Premature bearing failures can happen for a variety of reasons: Extreme operating temperatures (below -30 C or above 200 C) Exposure to aggressive chemicals Rapid lubricant degradation requiring[…]

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Five ways to keep roller bearings cool<

Properly sized ball and roller bearings are well suited to heavy loads and high speeds. Theres little or no need to be concerned about temperature rises on bearings, at least not under normal operating conditions. But there are a host of dif[…]

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Small bearing "turn" out of the big market<

Two ring, a few grains of steel ball, and a cage, a few simple components to form a bearing. In ordinary peoples view, small bearing seems extremely unusual, but when it is a treasure to ZKBM. Through to the bearing groove curvature coeffi[…]

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